Academic Curriculum

Academic Curriculum

The ISE Bachelor of Science degree is normally awarded after an eight-semester course of study comprising 190 academic units of direct teaching. Common engineering sciences foundation courses are given to all students during the first four semesters at the university. The sixth semester includes a work experience project (internship) with industry partners. Upon completion of all academic requirements, students receive a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree.

The academic year consists of two full semesters: the fall and the spring semester. Each of which consists of 14 weeks of instruction and two weeks of final exams. Lessons start in October and mid-March respectively, though before the first semester students attend the language, culture and orientation program starting at the beginning of October.

The total number of teaching units is approximately 190. One teaching unit is 45 minutes per week.

The curriculum is based on a core set of classes with the student able to choose an area of specialization prior to the third year. Additional elective courses are offered through the faculty and the TAU International.

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Edina Zsigmond, Hungary

Edina chose Tel Aviv University because she was curious about her Jewish origins. "Studying here brings together two sides of my life – business studies and Judaism."

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